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Are some of these lost A$Billions yours?

Lost money - Billions of lost bank accounts, insurance policies and superannuation available to be claimed by their rightful owners!!

ASIC FIDO - Search for your lost insurance policies and bank accounts.

ATO - Search for your lost Superannuation balance accounts.

Investment newsletter & similar websites

Jeremy Grantham Newsletter (GMO)

Some useful data source websites

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

Commonwealth Bank House Price Guide

US Fed data

Google Finance

Yahoo Finance

General interest websites

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)


What is Good Advice?

Government, regulatory and other websites

Understanding Money website set up by the Australian government.

Parliamentary Joint COmmittee on Corporations and Financial Services

Australian Securities and Investments Commmission (ASIC)

ASIC's FIDO Website - secondary school kit for financial literacy - learning about superannuation and investing.

The Australian Treasury

Australian Tax Office (ATO)

ATO's Self Managed Superannuation Web site


Boutique Financial Planning Principals Group Inc - the asssociation of independently-owned dealers

The UK Financial Services Authority - a good resource for consumers

The UK Financial Services Authority - A key review of ADVICE regulations in UK - Australia needs to follow.

The US Securities Exchange Commission - a good resource for consumers

Australian Investors Association Ltd - a very worthwhile group for investors wishing to learn more about managing money

Australian Shareholders Association Ltd

Financial Planning Association Ltd

Some Boutique Financial Planning Principal Member (BFPPG) websites in other states

Hayden Financial Services Pty Ltd (Mark Hayden) in South Australia

Eclipse Financial Group (Nick Nedachin) in Sydney

Quantum Financial Services Pty Ltd (Tim Mackay) in Sydney

Accuvest (Bob Baker) in Mackay

Other links

Susan Leon was a PA of mine. Now she has her own business doing this for other businesses. She is brilliant. I am very happy to recommend her.


"There is nothing so disturbing to one’s well-being and judgement as to see a friend get rich."
Charles Kindleberger in “Mania’s, Panics and Crashes”, when seeking to understand why otherwise intelligent people get caught up in speculative frenzies – and get burnt.