Puzzle Financial Advice Pty Ltd - Submissions

2009 Parliamentary Inquiry into Financial Services in Australia.

Links related to the 2009 Parliamentary Inquiry into Financial Services in Australia.

Interview on ABC National - National Interest

Letter to editor of Australian Financial Review.

Submissions to government 2004-2008.

Over the last 7 years we have made many submissions to government in an effort to have the Financial Service Reform Act amended to to provide better outcomes for consumers. Better advice. Less conflicted advice. Less un-necessary bulky compliance paperwork for clients. Less un-necessary addition cost to clients through excessive compliance. Shorter Statements of Advice to the advice is readable and palatable to consumers. Less opportunity for unethical advisors to mislead and deceive clients. Much clearer disclosure of all conflicts which might taint advice.
    Clear Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest eg consumers need to be readily able to tell sales people from advisors
    Sir Anthony Mason's 2007 address to SPAA - referenced in the above submission
    Making Statements of Advice (SoA) very short eg 2 pages is a key issue for Nick Sherry
    How to simplify SoAs
    How to reduce fees on Superannuation
    Coverletter for a 2006 submission
    A 2006 submission
    A 2005 submission - Financial Services Reform Act refinement discussion paper.


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Sir Ron Brierley, January 1999