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Fixing Financial Planning Profession in Australia - 2009 Parliamentary Inquiry


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Useful knowledge for investors in these unusual times.

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Puzzle Blog 2016 onwards.

Puzzle Blog 2013-2015. House price bubbles. High bank share prices. Cyclically adjusted P/E ratios as best metric for share market valuation .... and much more.

Financial security keys. Managing expenses is key to financial security. Variability of long-term investment returns is a major challenge to financial security.

What are the keys to becoming wealthy?


Understanding conflicts of interest that may taint investment advice

"For a further example of an example of an outside destabilising speculator who bought high and sold low, there is the edifying history of a great Master of the Mint, Isaac Newton, a scientist and presumably rational. In the spring of 1720, he stated 'I can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.' On April 20, accordingly, he sold out of his shares in the South Sea Company at a solid 100 percent profit of 7000 UK pound. Unhappily, a further impulse later seized him, an infection from the Mania gripping the world that spring and summer. He re-entered the market at the top for a larger amount and ended up losing 20,000 UK pounds." 'Manias, Panics and Crashes.' by Charles Kindleberger.

Our new mobile-friendly web-site:

  • Our new mobile-friendly web-site is here.

  • Independent Advice for challenging times:

  • What have we learned about investing, from 24 years of research? Our Knowledge Base. Here is a valuable Knowledge Base resource for you, to help you prepare for these challenging times. Knowledge Base link. We will publish more of our research to this Knowledge Base over time.
  • Our Mission Our broader mission is to help you (and your family) to maintain and achieve financial security for the rest of your life through intelligent investing, robust estate planning & minimising tax. But right at the moment, our key focus is to provide INDEPENDENT ADVICE to navigate our clients through the riskiest period for Australian investors since 1900.
  • Why do we say that this is the riskiest period for Australian investors since 1900? Some historically extreme risks discussed at this link. But investing is about adapting to the investment challenges that we face at the time.
  • Our business:

    We advise a small group of clients most of which we have had very long-term relationships with. The average client relationship is over 12 years.

    We are a resource to the thoughtful investor.

    Our advice tends to suit investors who wish to be in control by understanding their investments and their investment strategy. For example, our advice tends to suit business people and people with science or engineering backgrounds.

    Our value proposition:

    What do we offer?

    • Good listener. We spend the time to understand your needs and issues so we tailor the right advice for you.

    • Ethical, competent, trustworthy. Just ask our clients.

    • Well-researched advice and we have the competence to explain this advice to you to the level of detail you require. It is our research which has prepared us for this period of economic extreme.

    • Written advice is short, understandable and tailored for you.

    • We are working for you.

      • The only way we get paid is by you paying our fees.

      • We get paid by only by you – so we are not working for a product provider to sell you a product.

    • Value for money – win-win relationship.

      • We always aim to provide you with value for money. If we feel that we cannot provide you with value for money we will not take you on. If you feel we are not providing you with value for money, you can walk away at any time – no lock-ins.

      • If we did not provide value for money, we would not have as many long-term clients, many of whom have become good friends.

    • We are seeking to enable our clients to survive and thrive in the riskiest markets for more than 100 years.

    • We are seeking to protect our clients financial security.

    • Our eyes are open.

      • Because we are not beholden to any product provider:

        • we do not wear blinkers that enable us to see only products of a fund managers and

        • we do not wear rose-coloured glasses that only allow us to see products that pay a commission or kick-back.

    • Flexibility to offer you best of breed strategies and best of breed investments.

      • After identifying the major investment themes we want to invest in, we go searching for the best possible investment vehicles to harness those themes. Since we are not beholden to any fund manager, we can offer you the best-of-breed products and where fund managers are not adding value, we can offer you the most cost-effective solutions such as exchange traded funds, index funds, direct listed securities, term deposits and bonds.

    While we believe estate & tax planning strategy is absolutely crucial to our client service, investment strategy is the core focus of our practice. We believe that anyone with a very good long-term understanding of investment history can see that we are currently in a very high risk time for investors, with the last 30 years being a very poor guide for astute investors.

    "Attempting to look into the future is fraught with difficulty. Failure to attempt to do so is reckless."
    Bruce Baker